Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Wheat thin crust Pizza is here

We did it ! For quite some while we wanted to have a Pizza on our menu which is extremely tasty, yet extremely light and crunchy. The answer was obvious - Wheat thin crust Pizza. We launched it this monday (4th April) across all stores in India. Best part is - its mouthwateringly delicious, super thin (I was extremely surprised on how thin we cud finally get it to be), crunchy and you can get it with any topping combination you want. So if you wan to check it out or better still order it online just get to www.dominos.co.in and try it out right now. You can also call the number of your nearest Domino's store or our helpline 4444 8888. Enzoy !!


Anonymous said...

Hey man Dev,

This is super exciting man, esp for those of us who want to "indulge in moderation" (this is like saying I am a "thin, fat man"...hope it makes sense).

Just looking at the poster that you have uploaded, it reminds me of Gujarati Khakra with sundry pizza toppings. I wonder if, like Khakras and/or papads, your pizza bases are going to have flavors too -- Punjabi, Garam, Pepper, etc. in the future.

Hats off to your team.


Dev said...

Great - Sri, Now that you are in India for a while, why dont u try the product and give me your feedback. In bangalore, you can call 080 - 44448888. regards. Dev

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nice share~~

Online Personal Trainer said...

I never tasted a wheat thin crust pizza. We don't have it here, I think. I wanna try this, especially that I'm on a diet.