Sunday, March 23, 2008

Writers Block !

Am just not able to write off late. To make things worse, I have been terribly busy over the last month. Had a very hectic two-week travel to the US. Came back and got very very busy with moving to our new house. This is the first time that we have moved to a house, which we own and the process of moving in was very different from all our previous moves into rented places. The kind of involvement that goes into the planning of every fixture and every little piece of new furniture, furnishings etc was quite taxing but very enjoyable. Aditi's school admission was the other task that had to be accomplished. The workload also picked up at the same time and so did travel. Net Net, all this fed my writers block also and the outcome was a totally unproductive month...writing wise. Abhi sms'd, and said, "its scary when a regular blog goes suddenly silent"...the voice in my head said, "write bugger, write". But for some reason I am unable to see the purpose of this.
Its not as if I do not have subjects to write about. There are quite a few 1. The process of home building 2. Brand Positioning and how much time it takes - a personal case study 3. The Marketing of India Incredible in USA- a travelers view point 4. Film review of Jodha Akbar etc. But I am jus not able to put fingers to the keyboard. Hopefully, this phase will not last.