Monday, August 17, 2009

Domino's Pasta Launched !

The Domino's Pizza brand in India has grown into a network of more than 270 stores by August 2009 with a fairly large base of loyal consumers. Our reserach with consumers suggests that they would love it if we add something more to our product range other than Pizzas and the sides that we currently sell. Pasta was the obvious choice and we had been working on a pasta launch for the last 6 months. Well, we finally launched pasta. Its a hit. Literally flying off the ovens as we like to say:-)

The ad went on air last weekend and in case u missed it or if u do not live in India or do not watch TV - here is the link to it.

You can find out more about our product and pricing here

Do let me know what u think. And yes, if u want to order dominos pasta and get happiness home delivered, just call 4444 8888. Enjoy !