Monday, August 17, 2009

Domino's Pasta Launched !

The Domino's Pizza brand in India has grown into a network of more than 270 stores by August 2009 with a fairly large base of loyal consumers. Our reserach with consumers suggests that they would love it if we add something more to our product range other than Pizzas and the sides that we currently sell. Pasta was the obvious choice and we had been working on a pasta launch for the last 6 months. Well, we finally launched pasta. Its a hit. Literally flying off the ovens as we like to say:-)

The ad went on air last weekend and in case u missed it or if u do not live in India or do not watch TV - here is the link to it.

You can find out more about our product and pricing here

Do let me know what u think. And yes, if u want to order dominos pasta and get happiness home delivered, just call 4444 8888. Enjoy !


Anonymous said...

Hi Dev,

Just like Cyrus in the Domino's pasta ad I was craving to have a good pasta today. Since I was feeling lazy to go out I decided to order for Domino's pasta and placed the order with the Domino's outlet in Rest House Road, Bangalore. I had ordered for a Non-Veg cheesy white pasta. The home delivery was prompt but only after the delivery guy left that I realized he delivered veg tangy red pasta. Since I was craving for a pasta I decided to have it without complaining.

Now comes the worst part. The pasta was half cooked and was smeared in some yucky tomato sauce, the onions and capsicum tasted raw and the entire thing looked pretty gross and it tasted pretty horrible.

I am extremely disappointed coz I am a very loyal domino's consumer and didn't expect this to happen from Domino's.

I believe that a complaining customer is your best customer and hence thought of bringing this to your notice.

Dev said...

hi - pls share your contact details, so that the store that served you can get an opportunity to make things right.

You can send me an email with the details if that's Ok with you.



Anonymous said...

Hi Dev,

I have mailed you the details you have asked for.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dev,

Are you planning to have a whole wheat version of your penne? The reason why I am asking you about this is because the whole wheat version is much more healthier and has much more fiber. Combined with marinara sauce (not alfredo) as well green/red bell peppers and cooked with extra virgin olive oil, your company could project a health aspect to your existing portfolio of pasta choices.

To play devil's advocate.....unfortunately the Indian palate prefers white pasta/white bread/whole milk. They are reluctant to change to whole wheat products and/or skimmed or 1% milk too.

In any case, I just wanted to share my two-pence and glad to see you blogging about SOMETHING, at least.


Dev said...

thanks for the suggestion sri. about not blogging, sorry buddy, too much happening in life and Golf has become a big priority in the "self" time and has consumed the time that I used to put aside for writing. Also, the "pull" to write is simply missing man !

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