Saturday, February 20, 2010

Domino's India Launches online ordering of Pizzas

Finally, Domino's launched online ordering in India. This is the first for a food service company in India so its an achievement in a sense. The service is currently available in NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore. More cities
will be added in the future in a phased mannaer.
The best part is, not only can you select your pizzas and sides on your own, you can also pay by cash on delivery or by credit card from your home. So no going to the ATM when you've run out of cash but need to eat dinner at home and dont feel like cooking.
What's more you can place orders for home delivery or pick up ! its quite cool, check it out. Here's the link ENZOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


I am really surprised that, for a country like India that is cutting edge, IT-wise, we have not had a food-service company have an online distribution channel.

Are you planning to have some sort of a "Loyalty Points" program or something -- you know, the old trick wherein, every 10 pies you purchase you are eligible to get one free or, for that matter, the more points you gather the more you are eligible for some prizes -- coffee maker/electronic item/etc etc

Anyways, congrats to Jubilant for really redefining boundaries in Indian marketing. Is there an advertising push to inform consumers that they can order online? Good going, man.


Anonymous said...

Hey man Dev,

Quick points (pardon my chutzpah):

1. Are you planning to use Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc to promote your products? I have seen marketing types in N. America (well actually, news and media types mainly) using these websites to "spread the word". In fact, you can spread the word through various online communities and also get feedback from is majorly occurring in N. America man. I have seen you guys have created your presence on YouTube.

2. Once you guys start getting into Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets, aren't you planning to use Indian languages on your menu cards? Doesn't using Hindi (in N India i.e.) along with English on your Menu cards make more sense in Kanpur/Bareilly/Patna etc? I would definitely use Tamil if I were to penetrate to Coimbatore or Salem in Tamil Nadu, for eg. I thought of you the day I read this Op-Ed by Mrinal Pande in The Hindu:

I think Dominos ought to adapt this article to penetrating Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns man.

3. In fact, maybe, just maybe, does your market research indicate that if your website were in Hindi and English, the possibility of someone picking up the phone and placing an order is that much greater? For eg -- when satellite TV came to India it was largely English based but it has now morphed to this multi-headed hydra of an industry that the customer really can pick and choose what s/he wants. Shouldn't Dominos be heading towards that direction too? For eg -- in Karnataka, if you were to have both Kannada and English friendly staff, menu cards, billboards, etc. you instantly reach out to many more people than only English speaking folks, man. You ads, like the Thakur calling cops or the one based out of Benares show an Indian flavor but is that message in sync when a Hindi-only speaker wants to make a phone call and cannot understand/read Hindi properly?! The classic examples I have observed is the usage of both English and Spanish in US and English and French in Canada. In fact, if I recollect, in Canada if you go to a bank's website and do a search for bank locations near a zip/postal code, not only do the search results give you an idea as to where the banks are, what their respective operating hours are, etc but they will also let you know what all languages are spoken in a respective branch. I really think Dominos must think of tapping the language barriers. I used to live in a neighborhood that was quite diverse with new immigrants. My local bank had tellers and branch managers who could speak Vietnamese, Mandarin, Spanish, Tagalog (ot whatever it is the Filipinos speak) was amazing man.....they realized that the neighborhood was mized, so they hired folks who could converse in a language that was familiar to a big chunk of their customer base...both the customer and the bank benefitted.

Just a few thoughts man....please don't mind.


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Anonymous said...


I just went your website and saw that you do have a program like wow Club. Cool. I should have noticed it before.

Two more things man:

1. Do you guys have a choice of pizza base i.e. either a thin crust Brooklyn style pizza crust or the deep-dish Chicago style pizza crust or do your clients only have a choice of the "regular" pizza crust (i.e. not thin and crispy or thick and juicy)?! I really think you guys could up the "oomph" factor by giving your customers the choice of the pizza crust.

2. I was thinking man if you guys can incorporate Indian flavored toppings on your pizzas -- for eg something like tandoori toppings or tikka toppings or some sort of a Hyderabadi or Mughlai toppings (they could be veggie or with chicken...does not matter...I am talking of the masala/spice/flavor). I know that California Pizza Kitchen has a pizza with tandoori and mango toppings -- it is good enough for the western palate but it does not pack that punch that an Indian palate is used to. I think Indian flavored toppings could be a huge hit with Indian customers man who may not be that familiar with calzones or Sicilian style flavors.


Anonymous said...


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Dev said...

Sri - we think alike man - all your points are great. Really - I don'nt know who u r or what u do - but i tell u man, u shud be in marketing !

Yes, we have a loyalty program, WOW club for everyone and the by invitation only "upper crust program" for our frequent consumers.

Yes, we offer a choice of crusts such as Classic Hand Tossed, Wheat Thin Crust, the super induclgent and tasty Cheese Burst Pizza (it has molten liquid Cheese inside) and the soft Deep Dish crust catering to all types of preferences.

Yes, we have indianised our menu to a significant degree. We offer Peppy Paneer, Keema do pyaza etc as topping combinations. We had also at one point launched a 'Chindian range" with toppings like "Manchurian" :-)

Wrt website being in local language, i think its a bit premature, but yes we have started doing menu's and leafelets in local language in small towns. Wrt the website in local language, i think the day will come soon !

thanks mate !

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Anonymous said...


We do know each other quite well man, although the last time we met was probably around '98 or '99, when you were in SIT, for Halcyon as a JAM Master or something like that. The first time we met was in '90 or '91 -- you were on your Mach 2 bicycle (or something similar -- white/aluminum/silver colored?) and we met on NH4, (outside KEB quarters and a church opposite the quarters -- it is a point where the side connector road merged with the highway, then. The alignment may have changed now). I have no idea why you flagged me and asked me if I was heading towards NES. Anyways, if I recollect, I acknowledged that I was heading in that direction and we had a talk as if we had known each other for a while. I thought it was refreshing to meet a guy who was so warm and open-hearted. You also had some queries regarding an "anuj" (resorting to some Mahabharatese) in your family...probably that's why you chatted up, who knows!

I tried reaching out to you on your Yahoo acct in the recent past, but got no reply (granted you must be a very busy guy). If you are planning to be in Blore in the next month or so, maybe we should meet up man. I had another idea to sell pizzas but I want to see what you have on your website. I also want to tell you that on a world famous finance blog, your online ad came at the end of the daily newsletter, thanks to Google Ads. What a great way to reach out to potential consumers! I'd like to talk to you but it is difficult to reach you as you are understandably trying to fend away your fans, your deewanas and all kinds of sundry requests from disparate people. Is there a more effective way to reach you?


Dev said...

Sri - I do not recall any of this, I am sory. I remember that there was a guy from NES from my brother's class at NES who also came to SIT. His name was Gautam and not Sri. Anyway, I have no fans so I am not fending anyone away :-) least of all u. Send me the mail again and I will share my work id and mobile. In any case I have already sent them to a gmail id from which u had written to me once. I am not sure if I wud be in bangalore at the same time as u wud be, but u never know - in any case we cud always chat on phone.


Dev said...

Hi Sri - I did not get your email on my yahoo account - pls do resend it



Penchant, India said...


Yet again dominos and its employees have proven to be incompetent and unethical. The same issue of points has risen again.Last month i had repeatedly complaint about extra money charged as no pending change returned, 45-1 hr taken for delivery, uppercrust coupons not delivered by points cut. Yet again the points are cut and coupons are not received. Your website clearly says within 1 week the coupons should come.

On 6th Dec 2010, M/s Vinita from dominos after 4 phone calls called and said she has updated my points and is sending the older points.I also got a call from some Mohinder pal singh who also assured all will be fixed, this is after numerous phone calls, i was also offered free food but no service.The initial points i received but after that its the same story. I same day redeamed 600 points and till date have not received them, points on the website our cut but not received. Its clear you people do this on purpose so that no benefit is given to the customer. I mean you people are crooks or extremely incompetent and stupid.

Its amazing how a company and its employees be so irresponsible. Last time when i complained about delivery,extra money charging and food missing, i got a call from Mr vikin manager from saket dominos and he assured me he will make sure everything goes fine and the same day when i ordered one of the items from the order was missing. he apologized and offered free pizza's your standard way of dealing with people.But after that 2 orders nothing has been missing thankfully. but for the last 5 years i have faced problems,

The same thing with the uppercrust points, on 6th dec 2010 miss vinita called me and assured me that points are sent and pending points added, i redeemed some points and now its been 2 weeks and they have not come. I mean you people are so irresponsible, same day you apologize and make silly claims and the same day the mistake is repeated.

Please tell miss vinita to call me and start giving excuses also mr Mohinder pal singh. You people are extremely incompetent and i will make sure dominos Michigan office is sent all these correspondence and they should also know how there brand name is being ruined by you people

I mean not returning change, late deliveries, food missing, coupons not being delivered after repeated complaints.

God save you and i can assure you this will also go in press and can also assure you that offering a free pizza will not help you this time.

Chaitanya Arora

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